Dirk Magdahl, Ph.D. is a pioneer in the emerging field of psychospiritual psychology, bringing together his extensive professional training as a Psychotherapist with his compassionate heart and deep intuitive abilities to “see” his clients and aid them in awakening to their highest potential. I am honored to have him as part of the Eupsychia team of psychospiritual guides and Integrative Breathwork practitioners.

Jacquelyn Small, LMSW

Founder, Eupsychia Institute

“I am grateful to the Universe for introducing me to Dr. Magdahl and the Integrative Breathwork process! Through the breathwork sessions, I have been able to access that quiet place within and experience spiritual insight and direction. Additionally, I am able to experience healing on the physical, spiritual, and emotional levels. Thank you Dr. Magdahl for providing a safe and sacred vehicle for this wonderful and much-needed work to take place”. Namaste

Carol Masters, R.N., LMT

In the more than 10 years that I have worked with Dr. Magdahl, I have known him to be a very skilled and dedicated psychotherapist who is effective in his work, aware of current research in his field and curious about alternative approaches that can supplement his skills and experience. He is considered, caring and responsible in his work with clients, and I have no hesitation in making referrals to him.

Lynn M. Matherne, Ph.D.


Dr. Magdahl has been my therapist for quite some time. He has helped me learn how to deal with different issues; namely depression, anxiety, personal losses, etc. After seeing several therapists, I found him to be the most caring. He always has time to see me and put my mind at ease. When I feel anxious and/or depressed he will take time to calm my anxieties and we will discuss what is causing my depression. Dr. Magdahl is very easy to talk to and therefore, makes me feel very comfortable to discuss everything and anything without feeling guilty about any issues I may be having. He is very professional and yet a very caring therapist

Raquel Soliz

My experience with Dr Magdahl has shown me that finding the right person to talk to can create a lasting beneficial relationship leading to positive change. I have found a safe place to organize my thoughts, think about potential change and take ownership of the real and/or imaginary chaos in my life. I have ample reasons to dislike and distrust therapists of any stripe, but I can honestly say that my experience with Dr Magdahl has provided me with nothing but positive outcomes. I now look forward to my sessions, something I never thought I’d be able to say

Marisa Preciado

I didn’t know exactly what to expect the first time I attended an Integrative Breathwork retreat, but I sensed it was what I was looking for – an opportunity to look into myself without the ever-present mind filter. For some time, I’d been drawn to the idea of accessing what lies below the surface, even enrolling in a series of self-hypnosis classes years ago. That class helped confirm there was a deeper place to explore, but programmed messages and goals, while intriguing and sometimes helpful, didn’t allow me to just experience from within. I’d heard many times that we all have what we need within us. On an intellectual level I believed it, but knowing something logically is far different from actually experiencing it as truth. In Breathwork, I was given a tool to hear myself, working with whatever was right in the moment. The group dynamic, caring environment, and components of breath, music, and artwork are the essential structure, but I’ve also found the takeaways continue well after the event has concluded. Many months after my initial Breathwork experience, I suddenly recognized its significance. The preliminary takeaway had been meaningful to me, but with hindsight and new concepts I had started to embrace, I was then able to see the gift I had given myself that day. It was a special and much-desired shift in perspective that I will carry with me always.

Melanie Harwood

Gets down deep, to the soul, then nourishes it with love and compassion.

Shawna Price-Theriot

Dr. Magdahl is very compassionate and listens, really listens, to issues going on with his patients. If I could give 10 stars I would!

Aaliyah Olson